I was so spiritually busy that I was missing the point!

In recent times especially the last couple of years spiritual growth has been moving at such a rate of knots and we are constantly being told how things are speeding up around us cosmically and how we need to get on board and practise our meditation and our chakra cleansing if we want to stay in our high vibration.

The Importance Of Meditation

For the past 12 months or so I really have upped my game when it comes to my spiritual practise. Since becoming a business owner I have had to work so hard on my belief systems, and trust that I’m on the right path to reach my dreams and goals. I have fully surrendered to the powers that be to help me implement all that I need to make my business a success. This belief and positivity needs constant work and without my daily meditation practices I know it would be hard to be THINK PURPLE and at times would have wanted to give it all away. BUT I have approached my business in a different way and I choose to love it and live in the present moment with it all. Implement my ideas and know that I am supported in all my decisions, none of this can be possible if I don’t show up each day to meditate.

Winny's Christmas Tree Decorations

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What is a vision board

The power of our imagination, by way of visualisation, can actively transform all areas of our life, including thoughts, emotions and life experience. This concept is a proven psycho-therapeutic reality. That is, the power of the imagination though visualisation is able to imprint our goals into our sub conscious mind – and we all know how our sub-conscious mind, when it is supporting a conscious goal, is able to work with us to achieve it.

you don't need to be good at art to enjoy it

How many of you out there believe that you aren’t  good at art?

I bet the majority of you answered “me!” and also maybe  moved a little restlessly in your seat and maaaaybe even felt a little bit uncomfortable.

Well i’d like to just say that you don’t need to be good at art to enjoy it.

Being creative is a process that while we are in the flow of it takes us on a journey itto our inner world, it connects us with our intuition and our hearts, it is one way that we can practise self love and self care- renewing our spirit and it both relaxing us and challenges us. It removes the controlling logical thinking and allows us to simply “let go” and gives us an attitude of mindfulness.

I ought to list who has one !!

Today i thought i would start on my “ought to do list” you know the one , we all have it , the one that reads ” i ought to clean the house, empty the dishwasher, change the bed sheets, mow the lawn, jet wash the drive, put the washing out (that has sat in the basket for 2 days and probably needs washing again as it is going mouldy), the, i ought to bath the dog, clean the windows, wash the car, fold the washing that is strewn all over the spare room floor, make endless phone calls to insurance places and chase up on all that shit .re decorate the house , finish renovating the laundry, deck, paint back deck. go to coles, get dinner on, sort out endless signing of permission slips so winny can be allowed to do something else at school that doesn’t involve education!! AND THAT IS JUST THE HOUSE..

For the love of crochet

It was my dream to open up an art studio within my community, to create a space where like-minded people could connect and gather in circles around tables and easels. My vision was and is to create an unpretentious , relaxed and inspiring space where every generation can come together and release their inner child and play with their own individual creativity, all the while focusing in, on the process of it all, not the end product!. It is my belief that we were all born creative but many of us through the years have lost it with thoughts of not being good enough or perfect or realistic enough in their approach.

Are you a perfectionist

PERFECTIONISM!  Are you a perfectionist and therefore a bit of a control freak? I know I can be and with a strong Virgo trait going through me Perfectionism has at times been my undoing.

I use to think it was a really good trait having ego driven thoughts like “oh wow, look at me I’m so perfect at this or that, I bet everyone will be impressed by that”, but I have learnt since turning 40 (eek 44 this year), that it has at times been by TOTAL undoing, and of course no one cares anyway.

Art healed my post natal depression

Hello everyone. So this is apparently my next step in following my online journey.

I am, it has to be said a little nervous about all this writing stuff. I do enjoy writing but I know that, I am just not that good at it lol. I guess that is just another example of why comparing myself to others is just not highly recommended. So here I am ‘just a girl sitting in front of a blank screen attempting to fill it with something that you the reader will enjoy.’

Hi I’m Alisa. I am 18 years old and recently graduated from Banora Point High School. I am currently working at a local cafe until I figure out what path I want to take career wise.

I’m always dreaming about fashion so in my spare time I’m thrifting for some unique pieces to rework and add to my overflowing wardrobe. DIYing accessories and jewellery are another one of my hobbies – my latest project being the rings made of spoons that I have now decorated my hands with.

During High School, Kay’s art space was my comfort zone – I am hoping that I can recreate that same safe space for the youth of our community. To guide them through the same journey I just went through and be like an older sister to them haha. I was lucky enough to have a few mentor type figures like Kay but didn’t really have someone around my age that were outside my close circle of friends and family that I could express my feelings too.

In a nutshell, that’s what I hope to offer here – to lend an ear, have a chat, listen to some good music and make some cool art.

Hello, My name is Bindi

I have had two years of experience alongside Kay. This has refined and developed my teaching and wellbeing support skills.
Seeing the young ones flourish in their own creative ways has been a blessing I did not know could happen at my age. Art has always been a part of my life and my passion is to help others achieve their visions while also supporting and mentoring them with honesty and love.

My goal is to hold a space for others to be themselves and to help young people find their inner fulfilment in life. For some, Art is the catalyst for doing so and my part is to listen and support them.

I have been working as a support person for over a year which has been such a pleasure.

It’s incredible to explore their inspiring ideas and see their creative growth.
I look forward to meeting and connecting with new people and of course making art!

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