My 11year old daughter loves Kay’s classes , exploring her creativity , learning new skills and making lovely friendships.

My son cannot wait until the studio opens and he will get to join in too !

My 8 year old daughter has not missed one session since Kay started this group. Kay is a kind and gentle teacher. The kids feel settled and comfortable to explore and create under her guidance. This is a journey of learning, creativity and being. Just being yourself is all that is ever needed when you work with Kay. She is truly awesome!

My nine year old loves attending art club run by the talented Kay. She does a large range of fun art activities which develop their love of, and confidence in, art and gives them an emotional outlet aswell. All kids love art and craft and this way you don’t have to mess up your kitchen table…do it at Think Purple Art Studio.

My 9 year old daughters words to describe Think Purple Art Club. “Love, Love, Love. The absolute best”.

Hannah has attended Art Club since day one. She has never missed a class come rain, hail or shine. Her smiling face says it all when she’s at Art Club. Kay has a special and unique talent of teaching the boys and girls how to express themselves through their art and creations. The children are actually learning without even realising because they have so much fun. I can highly recommend Think Purple Art Club to all the boys and girls who want to have fun and loads of laughs.

Kay’s enthusiasm and passion for her work inspires everyone who is lucky enough to work with her. She is just such a breath of fresh air. As soon as you enter her art space you are struck by all the vibrant colours and instantly feel welcomed by her warm and friendly nature. Kay seems to have a way to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

I have no hesitation in recommending her services to people of all ages. You will certainly leave her sessions with more than just a piece of art in your hand. The experience will touch your soul!

My 12 year old daughter is Autistic. She struggles with out of school activities. She finds the majority of classes/groups too much to cope with. They’re too big and noisy and with her quiet nature she is often overlooked. Kay’s classes are different. Kay is sensitive to my daughters special needs. She keeps her classes small and manageable, no child is ever overlooked. My daughter has a real flair for Arts and Kay is nurturing this talent. This has been one of very few classes my daughter has actually continued with. A victory in my opinion!

My daughter who is 9 absolutely loves this amazing art club. It allows her creativity to shine and she has made some fabulous friends too. She cannot wait to get home to show us all the fantastic things she has created. I would highly recommend these classes, it has worked wonders for my daughters self confidence!!!

Such a fabulous creative space for all ages. My 9 year old daughter loves attending weekly classes & the variety keeps her creative mind engaged.

Myself & friends have attended many of the brilliant workshops learning things we never knew we would love.

Well done Kay. Keep up the great work 

Kay is wonderful with our Children. They love her weekly workshop and we have seen improvements in their concentration and focus when they have had the chance to be creative and they love Kay Lloyd. What a wonderful for the kids to let off steam from a day at school. I have also enjoyed Kay’s classes, particularly her vision board workshop and Jemma’s Macrame classes. A one stop shop for anything creative. Love your work 

We had our daughter’s 8th birthday party with Kay at Think Purple. She is absolutely amazing and her attention to detail is fantastic. I was worried about having a slime party at home and was so grateful that Kay could offer an art/slime party in her beautiful, creative space. The party guests had the best time and the birthday girl was beside herself with excitement from the minute we booked the party till way after it finished. Thank you Kay for completely looking after everything. You are a star! � � � � �

I’ve been going to art at think purple for some time now and its been a great place to learn explore and just try anything that takes your fancy art wise. Its so nice to be able to explore your own style with a supportive teacher behind you. I recommend this studio to anyone whos creative arty or otherwise as its one of those few studios where anyone can find their niche or try new things.Theres always something interesting on the go from painting, recycling workshops to learning crochet.The wine and abstract evenings are also great fun!

I have been taking my son to Think purple art studio for over a year now and he loves the chance to hang out with other creative little souls and be creative. Kay always makes it fun and fresh with great ideas for them to play with. I have also been to several classes one with my son on a joint work of art and another wine, cheese and abstract night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you Kay 

Kay’s art studio is a truly happy environment for all ages! Kay herself is a bottomless well of inspiration and love, and a beautiful reminder to let creative spirit unbind. Our 11yr old LOVES it here, and I believe Kay’s art club is just what modern kids need to thrive! Thanks a million, Kay XO

There is such a wonderful and vast array of arts & crafts provided by the effervescent Kay Lloyd in such unique ways at Think Purple that are completely accessible to all, that there really is something for everyone….from absolute beginners to more experienced artists. You can really tell that Kay takes a massive amount of time, effort and consideration when putting together the events and workshops for people… there’s just so much love and passion behind what she does too. She makes everyone feel welcome, included and able. She helped my daughter who suffers from anxiety immensely. Art really is good therapy for the soul! Think Purple Art Studios really is all about finding positivity and finding your own voice through art! Thanks so much Kay!

My 10 year old daughter loves Kay’s art class. She went to another place for art lessons last year but felt very redtricted on what she could do. Kay’s class gives here the freedom to explore her own ideas.
It’s a safe and relaxed environment where kids can be themselves. 🖒

And I thought I couldn’t draw, paint create! Ha!
I found my creativity at Think Purple art studio at 70 years young through the nuturing guidance of Kay Lloyd and all that Think Purple has to offer. In particular I love the classes last Saturday night in the month with a glass of wine in one hand, a paint brush in another. Let the party begin! In deep, deep gratitude. Thank you Kay!

Think Purple Art Club is the highlight of my daughters month! Kay is a great mentor who allows my daughter to go into her art world and come out the other end filled with creative energy and joy. Highly recommend!

Did the beginners crochet class, it was so much fun and so relaxing, the teachers are lovely, will definitely be doing more classes with Kay.

My daughter had a fantastic art birthday party at Think purple art studios. The girls were busy the whole time painting and creating, and were so happy to take home their artwork. Kay is absolutely amazing with the children encouraging their inner artist and creative. I would highly recommend 

I am loving my weekly art classes with Kay, she is a very relaxed and friendly teacher who has created a beautiful and welcoming space for exploring a wide range of art techniques and media. I am living my dream of painting flowers and really enjoying having a couple of hours of calm time in my week to learn a new skill. Thanks, Kay!

Think Purple Art Studios is a great space for finding your mojo!! I love the non-pretentious atmosphere and that Kay has a nonjudgemental approach to these lessons giving me and others so much freedom to express ourselves. We are free to exchange ideas, support each other and always have a laugh making it my favourite place to de-stress. I am looking forward to many more creative workshops in the New Year!!

I can’t express how happy I am to have found this amazing studio for my daughter,after school sporting activities isn’t for every child,this allows her to be herself in a fun environment..this is her happy place,she can’t wait for her class every week!
I also attended a parent and child art class with my daughter(I was nervous as I only draw stick figures) Kay helped me feel at ease straight away,I learnt so much but the best thing was I got to share a truely beautiful day with my daughter making beautiful memories,I can’t recommend Think purple art studio enough,thanks Kay 

Attending kays art classes is a regular activity for us to do every school Hollidays! My 7 yr old have done about 4 now, & LOVE it. My daughter & I have also done 2 workshops together, & it was great mum-daughter time together. We have the finished canvases proudly displayed at home & my office. I’m not creative in the slightest, but kay made me feel very comfortable & was so positive to just give it a go! Feel so fortunate that somewhere like think purple & kay is just around the corner!

I am so delighted that myself and my daughters now have ‘Think Purple’ in our lives. Not only are the childrens clubs a total hit for my girls, but I am loving the adult classes now too. Thank you Kay for bringing such fun and creativity into our lives, you are clearly so passionate about art, incredibly talented at what you do, and I appreciate your gentle, kind and fun nature whilst giving us such a wonderful experience. Thank you so much! x

What is Think Purple?

Why have I chosen the name “THINK PURPLE” as my art studios? and why is it a phrase that holds so dear in my heart?

To “THINK PURPLE” means to live every moment in the perfect balance of joy, happiness and positivity. Living a life in this way is contagious and rubs off on the people we come into contact with on a daily basis.

The colour purple calls for creative doings and seeks inspiration and originality through its creative effort. It likes to be unique, individual and independent, not one of the crowd. People who attend the classes at the studios will be treated as such and supported in their own unique journey into art.

Purple is gender-less and contains just the right amount of masculine and feminine tones. It is a way of being and living in the moment. To always THINK PURPLE has been a family motto my ENTIRE life….

When I was a child and had anxieties or worries my Father would ask ” Kay, what colour is it?” my response always had to be ” Purple Dad, its purple”.

To this day we still end every conversation with this saying. and it has become a mantra of mine that I continue to use with my daughter Winny.

With such a powerful meaning behind this expression, I just had to use it for my Business.

I want everyone who comes for Classes, Workshops and Lessons and healing sessions to feel joyful, and happy in the flow of their own creative process.

I am PASSIONATE about fostering creativity with every age group, and it is of the greatest importance that everyone understand how vital  it is to use our imaginations and learn to follow our intuition. This in turn will help us to develop our emotional intelligence and help us to better understand the person that we are.

Hi I’m Alisa. I am 18 years old and recently graduated from Banora Point High School. I am currently working at a local cafe until I figure out what path I want to take career wise.

I’m always dreaming about fashion so in my spare time I’m thrifting for some unique pieces to rework and add to my overflowing wardrobe. DIYing accessories and jewellery are another one of my hobbies – my latest project being the rings made of spoons that I have now decorated my hands with.

During High School, Kay’s art space was my comfort zone – I am hoping that I can recreate that same safe space for the youth of our community. To guide them through the same journey I just went through and be like an older sister to them haha. I was lucky enough to have a few mentor type figures like Kay but didn’t really have someone around my age that were outside my close circle of friends and family that I could express my feelings too.

In a nutshell, that’s what I hope to offer here – to lend an ear, have a chat, listen to some good music and make some cool art.

Hello everyone, my name is Bindi :)

I am 18 years old and have just finished high school at Banora.

Art has always been a part of my life and sharing the love I have for creating with young adults is both an unbelievable opportunity and a great enjoyment.

The reason why I am here is to hopefully be a person that my younger self needed, and with a space like think purple and the inspiring kay helping me I am more than excited to get creative

A little bit about myself is that I used to competitively swim and was lucky enough to compete and medal at nationals. But now over a year has passed since I stopped due to the loss of passion.

I found with swimming that it has taught me lessons that I’ll cherish forever, and even when I stopped swimming that was probably the greatest lesson of all.

Right now I still have no clue on what path I want to go down, but I know for sure I love talking and connecting with young people (probably because I am giant kid myself) and creating art.

Kindest regards Bindi xox

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